MATATO Launches Maldives Travel Awards 2017 with Two New Exclusive Categories

Photo by Avas

Two new editions and new categories were announced for Maldives Travel Awards, during an official launching for nominations, held in Berlin at the Maldives pavilion in ITB 2017. This launching was joined by Minister of Tourism Mr. Mossa Zameer, President of MATATO Mr. Abdulla Ghiyaz and a number of Travel Industry representatives visiting ITB.

Maldives Travel Awards is the prize created to celebrate the commitment, excellence and expertise in the Maldivian Tourism Industry First launched in 2012, Maldives Travel Awards celebrates the 6th Anniversary in 2017, and we are proud to bring you the most prestigious, comprehensive and sought after recognition in the travel and tourism sector.

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The annual gala night for Maldives Travel Awards marks the premier night of excellence in the travel industry of Maldives, bringing together the largest club of travel professionals and executives for an evening of celebration.

Beginning with the first edition, MATATO refined the Awards and increased the number of categories year after year to include more areas of travel service sector in our recognitions. However, as the Travel Industry of Maldives thrives with more innovations and emerging sectors, MATATO recognized the need for more elaborate and exclusive Award events for key sectors of the Industry.

In this regard, MATATO is introducing the following two Editions to Maldives Travel Awards 2017.

  1. Maldives Travel Awards: People’s Edition

Maldives Travel Awards People’s Edition will recognize, successful pioneers and long-serving individuals in the travel industry of Maldives. Through this award, we intend to recognize the professionals contributing to the growth of the industry, to acknowledge the talent, individual contributions and achievements. Maldives Travel Awards People’ Edition will be hosted at the Gala night for Travel Trade Maldives, TTM 2017, scheduled to July 2017.

  1. Maldives Travel Awards: Guesthouse Edition

To cater the demand with emerging businesses in this sector, MATATO in 2017 is introducing, Maldives Travel Awards: the Guesthouse Edition, a special event to celebrate the outstanding performance in this sector. In addition to the current categories for guesthouses, MATATO will bring a total of 15 categories for this edition. Winners of Guesthouse Edition will be announced at closing evening for Guesthouse Conference organized by Maldives Getaways scheduled to September 2017.

Maldives Travel Awards Gala Night MATATO will continue the Maldives Travel Awards Gala Night as the premier event for Maldives Travel Industry. Gala Night will be exclusive for winners in categories for Resorts, Airlines and Liveaboards. Maldives Travel Awards Gala night will again be hosted in one of leading resorts of Maldives, in November 2017. MATATO will also have the second edition of Maldives Travel Conference in 2017, held a day ahead of Maldives Travel Awards Gala Night.

“We are proud to again mark significant milestones in Maldives Travel Awards by adding two editions that will exclusively celebrate and acknowledge the achievements of this industry in two very important sectors, the People’ our biggest asset, and the Guesthouse sector, the new triumph of the industry. With this we open new opportunities for the industry to showcase their achievements” President of MATATO Abdulla Ghiyaz.

Three additions combined, Maldives Travel Awards will be featuring a total of 50 Awards in 2017, in addition to the lifetime achievement recognition awarded by MATATO. Nominations for Maldives Travel Awards is open through 30th April 2017.

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