MATATO officially launches the 7th edition of Maldives Travel Awards

MATATO signs with Ooredoo Maldives as the Platinum Partner for Maldives Travel Awards 2018 (Photo: Sun Online)

Maldives Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators, MATATO officially launched the seventh edition of Maldives Travel Awards, the most prestigious travel award given in the industry. MATATO also signed the partnership agreements with event partners during the launching ceremony.

In a ceremony held on 20th March at Coco Bodu Hithi, President of MATATO, Abdullah Giyas Riyaz did the honour of launching the travel awards.

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The platinum partner for Maldives Travel Awards 2018 is Ooredoo Maldives. Mr Hassan Niyaz, Head of Sales of Ooredoo Maldives signed the agreement on behalf of the telecommunications company.

Maldives Airports Company Ltd, MACL signed as the Gold Partner for the event, followed by Allied Insurance as the Silver Partner.

Sun Online is the online media partner for MATATO Maldives Travel Awards 2018
(Photo: Sun)

The online media partner for the event is Sun Online. Printlab signed as the printing partner, followed by Digital Studio as photography partner and Naan Pvt Ltd as photography and videography partner.

MATATO signed with Maldives Insider as their travel media partner. This year’s digital partner for the event is Codefly, followed by BLAK as the advertising partner for the event.

This year’s Maldives Travel Awards will have the Travel Awards People’s Edition, Guesthouse Edition and a Travel Conference in addition to the MATATO Maldives Travel Awards Gala.

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