Maurice Van Den Bosch Appointed General Manager at Coco Bodu Hithi, Maldives

Coco Collection is delighted to announce the appointment of Maurice Van Den Bosch as the General Manager of Coco Bodu Hithi resort. 

An Australian-Dutch citizen with a diverse background within the hospitality industry, Maurice joins the team at Coco Bodu Hithi with over 20 years of experience in hotel management.  

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Maurice most recently led the pre-opening team at Le Meridian Maldives Resort & Spa. His experience in managing resorts in the Maldives began in 2017 as the Resort Manager of Ozen by Atmosphere. He later joined Atmosphere Kanifushi as the General Manager, before  being promoted to Vice President of Operations for Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts in 2019.  Back home in Australia, Maurice also worked in food & beverage management and event  management in multiple hotels including Novotel Pacific Bay Resort and Ayers Rock Resort. 

“I am so excited to be back in the Maldives. I have missed the endless summer days! Coco  Collection in particular has always been a very interesting brand for me. Coco Collection has  such a fabulous reputation in the Maldives for pioneering the resort industry here and  having roots in the heritage of the country, all the while evolving to the changing trends of  the industry. The resorts in the Collection are magnificent in beauty but also offerings. Coco  Bodu Hithi, my new home, boasts huge, elegant villas surrounded by lush vegetation and  beautiful beaches. A true natural paradise.” 

Drawing upon the unique selling points of Coco Bodu Hithi, Maurice will be focusing on elevating the guest experience and streamlining resort operations in the wake of these  challenging times. 

“When it comes to management, I truly believe in the idea of “All for one and one for All”. The success of the resort can only be achieved with the success of the team which operates it. For me, there is no better achievement than having a team that is empowered to provide  the best of service and challenge themselves to new heights.” 

Maurice is also looking forward to introducing some new projects and initiatives on Coco  Bodu Hithi. “Already on the horizon are a new dining concept and a new kids’ hangout that will be added to the long list of services already on the island. Both will have a very natural  relaxed atmosphere component to them. We will be looking to have a beachside dinner  with a traditional Maldivian menu where guests can chill out and enjoy a cold beverage  while being able to look out over the horizon and soak in the palate of colours that only the  Maldives can provide. The Kids’ hangout zone will consist of activities leaning more towards crafts and horticulture, with an area also to laze and relax when it’s time to wind down after a full day of exploring the island and swimming all day long.”

When asked about what guests can expect on the island for the upcoming festive season, Maurice gave a little teaser saying, “Santa! But how does he arrive when there is no chimney to be seen? Luckily for Santa, we have sent him a few options that should work for him. Let’s wait and see what he chooses this year. He is a cheeky devil, so you never know  until he gets here. In the meantime, our Coco Elves are busy practising Christmas carols on  the resort karaoke system. Indika, our very talented Executive Chef, has been busy all year cooking up a storm of new ideas and creations to dazzle the taste buds. I for one can’t wait  to see the end results for the festive season that our team is creating.” 

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