May Month Highlights on the Tourist Arrivals.

Ministry of Tourism have revealed that a total of 93,491 tourists arrived to Maldives during May month of this year; this is a 0.3% rise compared to last year’s May month which totaled to 93,228 tourist arrivals.

Statistics demonstrated by tourism ministry declared that there was a 1.5% decrease in the European market in May month this year compared to last year’s May month. Last year, 36,279 European tourists arrived, while this year it dropped to 35,739.

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Looking into the oldest tourism market of Maldives, the United Kingdom (UK), Tourist arrivals decreased by 1.4%; 7,253 tourists arrived during last year’s May month which dropped to 7,151 this year. Moreover, Tourist Arrivals from Germany dropped from 10,141 to 8,746 in May month marking a 13.8% decrease. Additionally, tourist arrivals from France dropped from 2,286 to 2,161 marking a 5.5% decrease. Tourists arrivals from Italy, on the other hand increased by 14%; last May, 2,746 tourists arrived while it increased to 3,131 this year.

Looking into the Russian market, the arrival of Russian tourists increased by 15.8%; 3,077 tourist arrivals was recorded last year’s May month while it increased to 3,564 this year.

Tourist arrivals from China dropped by 7.1%; 25,005 tourists arrived last year’s May month which dropped to 23,225 this year.

In concluding the statistics of May month, although the tourist arrivals increased slightly; this year, up to the period of May month saw an increase in tourist arrivals by 5.8%; 540,887 tourists arrived within this period of last year which increased to 572,318 arrivals this year.

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