MCC Temporarily Relocates Local Market for Construction 

Male’ City Council (MCC) announced on Saturday its decision to temporarily relocate the local market near the High Court to make way for the construction of a new four-storey building. The upcoming facility will house the fish, passengers, and local markets.

Deputy Mayor Ahmed Nareesh stated that the existing local market site will be vacated for construction, and upon completion, the passenger market and fish market will be shifted to the new building, leading to the closure of the existing markets.

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The origin of this initiative dates back to the term of President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu when he was the Mayor of Male’ City. A previous attempt to construct the market faced challenges as the then Planning Ministry did not approve the land use plan.

It is currently unclear whether the company initially assigned to the project will be involved in the development.

MCC also plans to include a parking zone in the basement of the new building. The ground floor will house fish markets, and the first to third floors will accommodate the passenger and local markets. The top floor is allocated for a food court, according to Nareesh.

The projected completion time for the entire project is eight months, as stated by Nareesh.

“After transforming the newly developed site into a fish market, it will be vacated. Subsequently, the area will undergo demolition, and further development is planned at the fish market location. Detailed plans for the new travellers’ market will be disclosed later,” said Nareesh.

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