Medical Reports Compulsory for Expats Starting Today

Starting today, expatriates seeking work permits in the Maldives must submit a medical report from a Homeland Security Ministry-registered health facility. 

The requirement, initially in place but suspended during COVID-19 easements, has been reinstated. Foreign citizens entering on work permits must use the Xpat system for medical report submission. 

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Those arriving with a work permit entry pass must provide their medical report within 15 days of entry. Expired work permit holders abroad should obtain a foreign medical report, including required tests, through Xpat for a temporary 15-day approval, followed by a new local medical report within 15 days of returning for a full one-year work permit validity. 

Expatriates with work permits granted without medicals must also submit reports via Xpat by Thursday. Departing expatriates without a valid work permit medical report post-February 4 will face a fine of MVR 2,000 for each year of invalidity. 

Non-compliance with these regulations will result in actions as per the Regulation on Expatriate Employment, as warned by the Homeland Security Ministry yesterday.

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