Mediflex Prepared to Conduct Genome Sequencing Tests in Maldives

Mediflex has revealed that it is prepared to conduct gene sequencing tests for the first time in the Maldives.

A senior official of Mediflex, which operates as a subsidiary of Medtech, stated that genome sequencing is set to be tested in collaboration with Illumina, the most powerful U.S. company in gene sequencing. Senior officials of Illumina have visited the Maldives and trained Mediflex employees.

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Laboratories established across the country have conducted Covid-19 tests, but it is not known which variant the sample has tested positive for. Therefore, the government sends samples to India to determine if there is a certain variant of the virus in the Maldives. Last week, 24 samples were tested for sequencing, and it was revealed that there was a case of the Omicron variant in the Maldives.

The official said that the most important aim of the company was to introduce services that were not available in the Maldives. Therefore, a genome sequencing section was established for this purpose, and work began soon after acquiring the latest equipment. The tests will be officially launched with the permission of the Health Ministry, according to Mediflex.

“A lot of tests will be carried out. Sequencing test will require at least 48 hours for processing. This means that the Maldives will be tested within three days instead of receiving the results within two weeks. This will also benefit the economy,” the official said.

In addition to identifying the COVID-19 variant, the section will also be able to conduct tests to identify variants in terminal illnesses such as cancer.

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