Medtech Imports All 50 Unit ICU Ventilators Contracted to the Company

Medtech Maldives has reportedly imported 20 more Unit ICU ventilators to the Maldives. With the import of this batch of 20 ventilators, Medtech will now have brought a total of 50 ventilators to the Maldives.

These are the 20 more ventilators that had been imported after the company was awarded a contract to import 50 ventilators. Medtech has previously imported 20 ventilators. 18 were imported on the 10th of May, 2020.

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According to Mohamed Firaq, 20-unit ICU ventilators will have been airlifted to Maldives today (12th August 2020), morning with the support of Srilankan Airlines. He states that this airlift of ventilators is an urgent flight to Male’.

The 20 ventilators that were imported earlier, were said to be produced by a US company, GE Healthcare, and Swiss company IMT Medical. The company has been rated among the top companies and is approved by the US FDA in the production of medical equipment.

Apart from Medtech, contracts to import ventilators due to COVID-19 were also awarded to NAAD Maldives and Executive General Trading of Dubai. The latter was awarded to import 75 ventilators.

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