Medtech Maldives: Bridging Medical Technologies to Maldives Healthcare Industry

Medtech Maldives is a supplier of healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical products in the Maldives.

New developments in science and technology in the field of medicine has brought unprecedented solutions to healthcare service providers and patients.

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Medtech Maldives have been serving as the leader in providing medical equipment, with global partnerships and a reputed track record of delivery and technical support in Maldives.

Medtech Maldives Team:

The Medtech Maldives team was formed 10 years ago when the founders came together with a vision to bridge the technological gap in the Maldives medical industry.

Ahmed Haikal, the Chief Executive Officer is an experienced executive in procurement and distribution of medical supplies and equipment.

The Managing Director Mubah Rafeeu has more than 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry, and leads the marketing and distribution operation of Medtech in the local market.

Ahmed Abdul Rahman, the Technical Director is a highly respected figure in
engineering and technical support of medical equipment. He is responsible for installation and maintenance of critical equipment and infrastructure throughout the Maldives.


Medtech’s product ranges include laboratory equipment & reagents, hospital care consumables & dialysis solutions, radiology equipment, blood gas organizers, hospital furniture, medical diagnostic equipment, and surgical instruments & various disposables.

The medical devices they supply carry the CE mark and in selling medicines and medical devices Medtech Maldives comply with the statutory requirements and national regulations imposed by the Maldives Food & Drug Authority (MFDA). Some of the brands they provide are Abbot, Hill-Rom, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, Alere, Merivaara, Radiometer, Braun, and Carestream.

Medtech Maldives’ notable experiences:

At IGM Hospital:

  • ICCU Ventilators
  • Dialiysis Machine
  • DRX-Evolution Plus System
  • Euroklav 23vs
  • Abott Accelerator A3600
  • Carestream DRX-Revolution Mobile X-Ray System
  • Intego Pro – Sirona
  • AQT 90 Flex
  • Carestream Directview CR Systems
  • Autoclave. 23L, DX-23

At IGM Hospital, Hulhumale’ Hospital, Regional Hospitals:

  • Abbott Architec i2000sr
  • HemoCue Hb 201
  • ABL80 Flex

At Atoll Hospitals:

  • Elitech Selectra Pro S

IGM Hospital, Hulhumale’ Hospital

  • Carestream Vita CR System
  • Carestream Dryview 5850

At Vilimale’ Hospital:

  • Autoclave Melag Cliniklav 45 EA

Today their customers range from the largest hospitals to small community health centers across the country.

They have been the bridge to provide the latest medical equipment to the state-owned national hospital in Maldives, IGMH, along with Hulhumale’ hospital, Vilimale’ hospital and various regional hospitals in the country.

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