Mega Maldives Airlines to make a possible comeback: rumoured launch date, aircraft & vacancies

Mega Maldives is sparking signs that they are to make their much-anticipated return to the skies. It is widely believed that Mega is set to replace their fleet of Boeing 767’s and bring in Airbus A330’s.

Mega Maldives halted their operations temporarily on May 2nd, 2017 citing financial difficulties, while all their leased aircraft have been returned to its rightful owners. Corporate Maldives also believes that Mega Maldives Airlines has opened up vacancies for Airbus A320 Training Captains, Technical Pilots and Senior First Officers, nearly 4 months after their suspension of flights.

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The expression of interest for flight operation staff comes at a time where a majority of their staff have been asked to go on no pay leave for a period of 3 months. Due to financial difficulties, Mega has been unable to pay their staff regularly in the past, although they have agreed to pay them back when financially capable.

While commercial flight operations have been temporarily suspended, Mega Maldives Airlines management and administrative functions have continued to function as they work round the clock to relaunch the airline into operation. Corporate Maldives believes that Mega Maldives will start their commercial operations in early October 2017.

According to the airline’s latest press release, their justification for halting service is to restructure the company and to capitalize. Mega Maldives is yet to comment on their financial status. Mega Maldives was formed by a partnership between an American company and a Maldivian company in 2010. Mega has successfully flown to over 50 destinations worldwide while carrying 1.1 million passengers. CEO George Weinmann holds 49 percent of the shares while director of strategy development Mifzaal Ahmed and vice president admin and legal affairs Ms Mizna Ahmed collectively holds 51 percent shares of the company. It is rumoured that Mega Maldives has gone through a major overhaul and share capital restructuring.

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