Message Owl Introduces an Improved Console

Message Owl, a product of OXIQA, has become one of the most reliable messaging consoles (Bulk SMS) in the Maldives, with the focus on corporates and startups. Through the last five years, they have grown from just having a few clients to hundred plus businesses using their services in the Maldives. Their growth story is filled with amazing accolades from winning the first Seedstars World – Maldives Edition to even getting to showcase at the Startup Grind Europe Conference.

By taking feedback and suggestions from their customers and developers, they are thrilled to announce their latest version, focused on a simplified user experience, user analytics and additional security features for better customer engagement.

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With their new dashboard, users are able to view their statistics, subscriptions, packages and most importantly usage details. With the new improvised console, they have made changes to the Sender ID requests and approval process, by making it quicker and easier for verification aligned to our new policy guidelines. What Message Owl believes is most important is that an individual user can now manage 3 sender ID’s and keep their business accounts well managed with a better customer engagement strategy.

Moreover, with their REST API and OTP API designed with developers, they have been able to help us provide services, and be able to more easily and effectively engage their customers in real time.

They have rolled out Access Control for API security to provide access permissions to read messages, message body for generated tokens which can prevent malicious abuse of API even when the keys are leaked and thus keeping their customer data confidential from vulnerable access. With the new two factor authentication (2FA) enabled, you can use their platform in a secure and safe environment.

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