MIFCO Commences Application for Fishermen Representative on Board

Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company Limited (MIFCO) has initiated the application process for the appointment of a fisherman representative to its board. 

Applications are invited from eligible Maldivians actively engaged in fishing. The Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources specifies that applicants must be 18 years old. Individuals with a criminal record are subject to specific criteria. Those convicted of a criminal offence and serving a sentence of more than 12 months must have completed their sentence, or five years should have elapsed since the sentence was commuted.

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To apply for the board position, the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources requires the application form to be accompanied by a letter from the respective island or city council affirming the applicant’s current engagement as a fisherman. A copy of the citizenship card must also be submitted along with the application. The deadline for document submission is 13:30 on 11 January 2024.

The official application form for MIFCO board membership is available on the Ministry’s website. All necessary documents should be sent to admin@fishagri.gov.mv for consideration.

Recently, MIFCO transformed a subsidiary of STO into a wholly government-owned entity. As a result, the government now holds a 99.99% stake in MIFCO and a 0.01% stake in Allied, signalling a significant shift in governance to foster increased efficiency with the active participation of local fishermen.

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