MIFCO Introduces New Logo to Commemorate 30 Years in Operations

The Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company (MIFCO) commemorates its three-decade milestone by revealing a fresh logo.

Approved by the MIFCO Board in June 2023, the new logo has made its debut across the company’s social media platforms. The official launch of the logo took place today.

In its decision to adopt a new logo, MIFCO recognised the legacy of its former emblem, which had been an integral part of the company’s identity since its inception. With the aid of technical experts, the company crafted a new design, preserving the essence of its roots while incorporating colours reminiscent of the previous logo.

The resulting logo is adaptable to various contemporary mediums. Additionally, MIFCO plans to introduce a new label that celebrates the customs and culture of Maldives.

The unveiled logo, prominently displaying “MIFCO” in Thaana script, features a vibrant blue fish. This symbol encapsulates MIFCO’s core asset: the Maldivian fisheries. To the local community, the logo represents “MIFCO” in Thaana script, whereas in foreign markets, it presents a fish emblem.

The logo and its associated branding will be integrated across all MIFCO documents and products, fortifying the company’s corporate identity. The complete transition to the new logo is scheduled for the year-end.

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