MIFCO Limits Purchase of Fish at Its Southern Centers

Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company (MIFCO) has limited the purchase of fish at its southern centers over freezing capacity constraints.

In this regard, MIFCO will only been purchasing 5 ton of fish from each vessel at its southern centers starting from 6th April 2022. This decision was made as fishing vessels in southern atolls are catching large quantities of fish every day which the company is unable to accommodate its freezing capacity.

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MIFCO stated that their freezing capacity at southern centers is 420 ton per day, however, the daily totals from the southern area have climbed up to 600 ton – 700 ton per day. Vessels in the south are catching 12 ton fish on a daily basis in an average with some larger vessels catching as much as 25 ton to 60 ton per day as well.

Despite the purchase control in effect currently, all vessels that have previously been issued a queue number will be able to sell their catch without being subject to the limitation.

Southern region fish purchasing operations of MIFCO are carried out at Kooddoo Fisheries Complex and Addu Fisheries Complex.

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