MIFCO Pays Fishing Boat 1.5 Million in One Day

The “Concord-2,” a fishing boat based in S. Maradhoo, achieved record-breaking earnings of MVR 1.5 million in just a single day during their fish weighing at Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company (MIFCO), yesterday. 

This was achieved by delivering 60,005 kilograms, or 60 tonnes, of freshly caught fish to MIFCO.

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The “Concord-2” weighed a total of 9020 fish caught at a rate of MVR 25 per Kilogram.

It is worth noting that the “Concord-2” had previously set a record in March, when it hauled in 62 tonnes of fish, generating a revenue of MVR 1,002,093 in a single day.

Before this achievement, the boat with the record in terms of fish caught was the TS Line boat from Madaveli, which, in September of the previous year, caught 57,152 tonnes of fish, earning a total of MVR 971,584. 

The earnings gained from this can be attributed in part to MIFCO’s decision to increase the purchase price of fish to MVR 25 per kilogram on September 16 under a decision by the government to increase the price of fish per Kilogram, increasing the previous rate of MVR 17 per Kilogram.

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