MIFCO Vessel Kalaminja 402 Tests New Lh. Hinnavaru Commercial Harbour

The Kalaminja 402, a vessel operated by the Maldives Industrial Fisheries Company (MIFCO), made its arrival at the New Commercial Harbour of Lh. Hinnavaru on the preceding day. 

The arrival of this vessel was in response to a request extended by the Hinnavaru Council, and it serves as a step in evaluating the operational viability of the newly established harbour.

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The recently inaugurated Lh. Hinnavaru Commercial Harbour boasts the capacity to accommodate vessels with a maximum tonnage of 5000 metric tons. 

MIFCO, an entity renowned for its commitment to bolstering the Maldivian economy, views this development as a means to further enhance the economic prospects of local fishermen. Their presence at the harbour is expected to facilitate the optimisation of benefits accruing to the Maldivian fishing community.

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