Minister Saeed Meets UK Counterpart for Trade Collaboration

Photo: Mohamed Saeed on X

UK and Maldives engaged in discussions aimed at bolstering trade relations as Minister of Economic Development and Trade Mohamed Saeed yesterday convened with Gregory William Hands, the Minister of State for Trade Policy, in the UK. Minister Mohamed Saeed, who is currently undertaking an official visit to the UK, convened with his counterpart, Minister Hands, to explore avenues for enhancing bilateral trade ties between the two nations.

In a statement shared on X, Minister Saeed underscored the significance of drawing upon the UK’s experience to fortify Maldives’s financial landscape. The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade highlighted that one of the key objectives of Minister Saeed’s visit to the UK, particularly to participate in the Commonwealth Trade and Investment Round Table, is to facilitate collaboration with UK financial ministries to strengthen Maldives’s financial sector.

Additionally, the expansion of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the two countries was warmly received, with special emphasis placed on this development by Mohammed Muizzu, further underlining the importance attributed to enhancing trade relations.

During the meeting, discussions were aimed at addressing crucial matters pertaining to the Maldives International Finance Service Authority and the Development Bank, according to the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.

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