Ministry of Environment to Develop Solar PV Systems in 26 Islands

The Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, and Technology has recently handed over a major project aimed at developing solar photovoltaic (PV) hybrid systems and battery energy storage systems in 26 islands in the Raa Atoll and Baa Atoll. During the agreement signing ceremony, the Minister of Environment, Climate Change, and Technology, Aminath Shauna, spoke about the progress being made in developing sustainable energy sources in the atolls.

According to the Minister, the development of solar power systems in two islands has already resulted in the ability to turn off power generators during midday hours. With ongoing and upcoming projects, it is expected that nine more islands will be able to turn off their generators during peak hours. Wind energy power systems are currently being tested in Manadhoo, Noonu Atoll, and the efforts to reduce energy expenditure and free up funding for other projects.

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Managing Director of Fenaka, Ahmed Saeed Mohamed, addressed concerns that the development of renewable energy has not reduced the burden on local council budgets. He emphasized that these efforts actually reduce expenditure on fuel, which has a positive impact on the state’s budget. Through the Home Solar Program, local councils and households have the opportunity to reduce their energy costs by installing solar panels. The Managing Director also noted that 1MW of electricity is already being produced from solar panels installed on households, councils, and mosques. He encouraged councils and households to participate in the Home Solar Program, as it can significantly reduce the cost of energy for individuals.

The Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, and Technology is making significant progress in developing sustainable energy sources in the atolls, and local councils and households can reduce their energy costs through the Home Solar Program.

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