Ministry of Health provides ambulances to 25 health service providers

Ministry of Health has handed over ambulances to 25 islands during a ceremony held at Jumhooree Maidan, yesterday.

The handover was part of the governments’ effort to strengthen National Ambulance Services and for overall contribution to health services nationwide.

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According to the Ministry of Health, the ambulances were distributed to islands which previously did not have any ambulance services.

The 21 paramedic ambulances distributed were gifted to the Maldives by Japan, as part of the USD 2.8 million grant aid given to enhance the Maldives health sector.

H.E Ambassador to Japan Keiko Yanai handed over the 21 paramedic ambulances to the Minister of Health, Abdulla Ameen, on behalf of the Japanese government at the ceremony held on the same day at Jumhoore Maidan.

The Ministry states that an additional 26 ambulances will be received within the year.

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