Ministry of Tourism Announces Annual Awards for Tourist Establishments

On the 10th of February, the Maldives’ Ministry of Tourism announced the launch of annual awards for tourism facilities in the Maldives.

According to the statement released from the Ministry, 3 awards will be given to tourism organizations that support local artists in the nation, and 4 awards will be presented to businesses that contribute to the welfare of their employees. The awards will also be given to those tourist establishments that contribute to recognizing women in the sector, creating jobs, and promoting local companies and goods. The new awards were also introduced in conjunction with the Maldives Tourism Industry’s Golden Jubilee Celebration this year.

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The application process will begin in June for the awards and the Ministry states that resorts, hotels, guest houses, and liveaboards that are eligible to apply for the awards can proceed with the application.

The recipients of the awards will be evaluated and chosen by the Ministry of Tourism.

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