Ministry of Tourism Launches the First Climate Change Action Plan in Collaboration with USAID

The Ministry of Tourism of the Maldives has partnered with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to introduce a significant Climate Change Action Plan. This plan is designed to bring about substantial changes within the country’s tourism sector.

Maldives Tourism Climate Action Plan

The Maldives Tourism Climate Action Plan has been meticulously developed to align with the goals set out in the 5th Tourism Master Plan. This strategic plan seamlessly integrates the unique climatic advantages of the Maldives with its flourishing tourism industry. The aim is to create a harmonious blend that establishes new standards for sustainable practices within the tourism sector.

Supporting Businesses in the Face of Climate Change

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The action plan recognizes the vital role that tourism enterprises play in addressing and adapting to the challenges posed by climate change. Through a comprehensive survey, specific requirements identified by businesses have been highlighted for effective climate adaptation. These include tailored industry guidance, insights into climate adaptation investments, understanding regulatory frameworks, enhancing collaboration among stakeholders, and recognizing the business benefits associated with climate adaptation.

Strategic Objectives

The report outlines Five Strategic Objectives, the result of consultations with over 60 tourism establishments across the Maldives. These consultations aimed to comprehend the climate adaptation challenges faced by these enterprises. They also sought to identify innovative pathways and adaptations that could be scaled more effectively.

Ministerial Vision and Urgency

The Minister of Tourism emphasizes the transformative potential of tourism in the economy. It has the capability to drive positive changes, protect cultural heritage, and preserve the environment for future generations. Acknowledging the impending threat posed by climate change to the industry, the Minister underscores the urgency of adaptation and mitigation efforts.

Tourism Climate Action Roadmap

The comprehensive action plan lays out a detailed roadmap for promoting robust and sustainable tourism. This roadmap encompasses a range of strategic actions, including bolstering destination resilience, reducing carbon emissions, engaging local communities, initiating educational programs, raising awareness, promoting research and innovation, and fostering collaborative partnerships. These calculated actions aim to strike a balance between economic growth, environmental conservation, and societal well-being.

Moving Forward

The introduction of the Action Plan and the Maldives Climate Smart Tourism Program marks the start of further engagement with the tourism sector in the upcoming year. While the Maldives is set to face numerous climate-related challenges in the coming decades, the ongoing innovations within the tourism sector, both domestically and internationally, provide a source of optimism for the future. The Maldives has the capacity to become a beacon of climate leadership, inspiring other island nations and emerging economies to embrace the potential of adaptation.

Read the full report here.

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