Ministry Seeks Participation in Restructured Minimum Wage Advisory Board

The Ministry of Higher Education, Labor and Skills Development in the Maldives has issued a call for civil society organizations to apply for membership in the restructured Minimum Wage Advisory Board.

Established under the Employment Act, the Minimum Wage Advisory Board plays a vital role in monitoring employee performance across various sectors. Its key function is to advise the Minister of Higher Education, Labor and Skills Development on setting appropriate minimum wage standards.

Eligibility for Participation

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The Ministry welcomes applications from the following sectors:

  • Associations representing the tourism sector
  • Organizations representing the construction industry sector
  • Organizations representing the women entrepreneurs sector
  • Organizations representing the small and medium enterprise sector
  • Employers or organizations representing workers

Application Process

Interested parties should complete the relevant form and submit it to the Ministry of Labor and Skills Development by the 25th of this month.

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