MIRA earns revenue of Mrf 1.1 Billion in April

Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA) to earn revenue of Mrf 1.1 billion in April month through several taxes and fees.

Statistics published by MIRA stated that this revenue was earned mainly from the tax earned from GST, Tourism Land Rent, Airport Service Charge, Remittance Tax, Withholding Tax, Land Sales and land lease for tourism development in April. As a result of this, profit was increased by 26.5%, which was even higher than the projected amount of 10.4%.

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According to statistics revealed by MIRA, the revenue earned by April month of last year was Mrf 890.1 million which has increased to Mrf 1.1 Billion this year.

Highest revenue was earned from GST. According to statistics, an income of Mrf 658.4 million was generated from GST, Mrf 92 million from Airport Service Charge, Mrf 85.7 million from BPT and Mrf 65 million from Island Lease for resorts were earned.

Statistics have shown that MIRA has earned revenue of Mrf 5.6 Billion in the first quarter of this year. Last year MIRA earned Mrf 5.2 Billion within this period.

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