MIRA Launches ‘Campaign Fansaahi’ to Boost Tax Compliance

Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA) has launched a special initiative named ‘Campaign Fansaahi’ to boost tax compliance among taxpayers.

The objective of this campaign is to encourage the timely filing of tax returns and increase the percentage of on-time tax returns. Failure to file tax returns within the stipulated time frame is a violation of the Administrative Taxation Act, and MIRA is urging taxpayers to adhere to the filing deadlines.

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The campaign involves various activities aimed at promoting the timely filing of tax returns and assisting taxpayers who wish to deregister due to business cessation or any other reason. Under this campaign, inactive taxpayers will be granted the opportunity to request their removal from the taxpayer register via email. Additionally, tax penalties will be waived for individuals applying for deregistration.

MIRA is committed to enhancing tax compliance through this initiative and hopes to achieve a high rate of on-time tax return filing by taxpayers.

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