MIRA Organises ‘Compliance Day’ Visits to Businesses in Male’ City and Islands

Today, the Maldives Inland Revenue Authority’s (MIRA) team is conducting visits to businesses in both Male’ City and islands where MIRA offices are operational, marking their ‘Compliance Day’ celebrations.

The activities scheduled for today are part of MIRA’s Fansa-Aahi campaign, designed to help taxpayers understand the complexities of submitting their tax returns on time. The main objective of the “Fifty” campaign is to increase the number of tax returns received by MIRA before the filing deadline.

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Submitting and paying tax returns within the specified timeframe is crucial for taxpayers seeking recognition as individuals who adhere to current tax regulations. This practice contributes to their ‘compliance score’ and enhances their eligibility for priority consideration when applying for concessions offered by MIRA.

For this reason, MIRA strongly advises taxpayers to prioritise the timely filing of their tax returns. Those in need of assistance during this process can avail themselves of guidance from MIRA’s teams participating in today’s event.

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