MIRA Publishes Compliance Improvement Plan For 2022

As part of Maldives Inland Revenue Authority’s (MIRA) Compliance Risk Management Policy, MIRA has published the Compliance Improvement Plan for 2022.

This year’s plan outlines five main activities planned by MIRA to increase taxpayers’ compliance with laws and regulations.

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Compliance improvement activities planned for this year includes:

  • Improving tax literacy of taxpayers and general public
  • Widening tax population through focused registration programs
  • Guiding micro and small businesses towards better tax compliance
  • Securing tax compliance of medium and large taxpayers
  • Prioritizing enforcement actions against high-risk non-compliers

MIRA first introduced the Compliance Improvement Plan in 2021. As per the plan, MIRA provided assistance in resolving the tax compliance issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and suspended some of the actions taken under the enforcement policy. However, MIRA said action will be taken as per the enforcement policy this year, with consideration to the improving economic situation.

MIRA’s compliance risk management policy was compiled in order to ease the tax obligations for those paying taxes and increase voluntary compliance among payers, as well as to reduce non-compliance to tax laws and policies in place.

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