MIRA Recovers State Assets by Freezing Bank Accounts

Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA) stated that the authority has obtained MVR 2 million by freezing numerous bank accounts. This act was part was the efforts, executed to recover government assets.

The quarterly report for the first quarter of 2020 published by MIRA states that the authority has acquired MVR 169.3 million from payments that were unpaid.

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According to MIRA, the authority has obtained MVR 2 million by freezing bank accounts, MVR 61.1 million by dunning policies, and MVR 71.2 million from reminder calls and emails.

The authority has also obtained a further MVR 6000 from the legal actions taken. According to MIRA, 52 individuals were made arrangements for installment tax during this period. The authority also states that 140 individuals have been provided with notices to pay taxes of value MVR114.6 Million.

According to the statistics published by MIRA, the first quarter has been registered with 31,738 individuals in order to pay income tax. While 2,086 individuals registered for TGST, 12,342 have registered for general GST. MIRA further declares that 1,168 individuals have signed up for green tax while 45 registered for airport charges.

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