MIRA Reviews Court Cases and Updates Compliance Strategy

The Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA) filed 98 legal cases in court last year, according to recently released statistics. Of these cases, 70 were decided against the authority. Additionally, 44 cases were filed against MIRA, with 17 resulting in decisions against the authority.

In response to these figures, MIRA has implemented changes to its Compliance Risk Management Policy, publishing the 2023-2024 Compliance Improvement Plan. The goal of these updates is to strengthen compliance strategies, addressing newly identified risks and shifts in taxpayer behaviour due to the evolving business climate in the Maldives.

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Key changes to MIRA’s approach include centralized identification and classification of taxpayer compliance risks. This will involve comparing taxpayer information with data obtained from third parties, both domestic and international.

Further, the authority will continue to digitize MIRA services, providing innovative solutions for taxpayers to meet their obligations. Customized services will be enhanced through MIRA Regional Compliance Centers nationwide.

The 2023-2024 Compliance Improvement Plan prioritizes stronger measures against those who fail to meet their payment requirements. MIRA will monitor taxpayer payment compliance based on factors including financial information, industry, adherence to recent tax regulations, data from third-party sources, and social network analysis.

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