MIRA stats: income increased by 26%

The most recent stats released by MIRA has shown that the income generated has increased by 29% and has amounted to over MVR 1 billion in revenue.

According to MIRA, the MVR 1.01 billion in income is a 21% increase from the same period last year. They stated that the increase in revenue was due to the introduction of new taxes such as Green Tax, Tourism Land Rent and Remittance Tax. Income from TGST has increased as well.

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Last month saw MVR 57.2 million in Green Tax, MVR 6.8 million in Remittance Tax, MVR 87.8 million in Land Reclamation Fees and MVR 525.10 million in TGST.

Till the end of November, MIRA, saw MVR 13.29 billion in income and that is an increase from last year’s MVR 12.08 billion for the same period.

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