MIRA to Open for Services on the 13th, 14th & 16th of April

Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA) has announced that they will be opening their office on the 13th, 14th, and 16th of April.

In a press statement released by the authority, they have stated that this is in regard to the President’s instructions to provide essential services with minimum employees necessary to carry out the essential functions.

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MIRA has also revealed the new deadline for the submission of tax returns and payments which became due during the period of closure of MIRA is the 13th of April.

The services to be provided during this period are acceptance of tax returns, acceptance of payments, sale of revenue stamps, registration services, tax clearance applications, MIRA’s call center 1451 will be available, and taxpayer service center will be open for those who take a service token online on MIRA’s mobile app or Queuebee and to persons who secure an appointment through MIRA call center.

MIRA also informed its customers that registration under the Income Tax Act will be accepted without any imposition of fines until the 15th of April.

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