MMA Dismisses Rumours of MVR 500 Note Discrepancies

The Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA) has countered circulating rumours on social media surrounding the legitimacy of the MVR 500 banknote. After a meticulous inspection, the MMA verified that the widely discussed note, which had stirred online speculation was genuine.

Online debates were ignited by claims suggesting a slight size discrepancy in the MVR 500 note. As the post highlighting the supposed smaller stature of the note gained traction, doubts about its authenticity began to emerge.

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Addressing these concerns, the MMA conceded that while there can be minor size variations between different batches of notes, this in no way undermines their legitimacy.

Launched in 2016 to mark the Maldives’ 50th independence anniversary, the polymer-based MVR 500 note forms part of a broader series encompassing denominations of MVR 5, MVR 10, MVR 20, MVR 100, and MVR 1,000. Every note within this collection is embedded with advanced security features

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