MMA Issues Advisory on Counterfeit USD 100 Notes

The Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA) has released a statement today addressing concerns about the current circulation of counterfeit USD 100 currency notes. In their announcement, the MMA specified that these notes, identified by a white border, were printed between 1996 and 2016. Noteworthy features in the notes in question were highlighted for public awareness.

Upon examination, certain discrepancies were identified in the counterfeit USD 100 currency notes:

  1. Watermark Positioning: The watermark featuring Benjamin Franklin, usually on the right-hand side of genuine notes, appears on a different side in the circulating notes.
  1. Absence of a Functioning Security Thread: The security thread with “USA 100” on the left side of the note is non-functioning on both sides.
  1. Ultraviolet Inspection: Under ultraviolet light, the security thread remains invisible on either side.
  1. Absence of a Functioning Security Ribbon: There is no red and blue security fibre on the face of the note when examined under ultraviolet light.
  1. Non-functioning Color-Shifting Bell in the Inkwell: The colour on the bottom right-hand side of the note does not change when placed on the specified face.
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In response to these findings, MMA advises the public to exercise caution when dealing with USD 100 notes with a white border. Individuals encountering notes that seem suspicious in terms of authenticity are encouraged to report such instances to the appropriate authorities for a comprehensive examination to verify legitimacy.

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