MMPRC and Initiate VR Experience of Maldives at City Center Deira Mall in Dubai

Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC / Visit Maldives) and have kicked off an exciting marketing campaign during which visitors to City Center Deira Mall, Dubai, get to experience the Maldives through virtual reality (VR) . The campaign activities will be held from 10th to 16th May.

Under this campaign, a VR booth will be set up at a designated location at the City Center Deira Mall, where visitors can have a VR experience of the Maldives. The beautiful sights of the destination will be showcased through this campaign, aiming to inspire more people from Dubai and the Middle East to visit the Maldives. Furthermore, during this campaign, 2 targeted social media posts and a contest post will be uploaded on’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. Stories related to the Maldives will be shared on both platforms everyday of the campaign and emails with information or advertisements of the destination will also be circulated to the database, exceeding 300 thousand members.

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Founded in 2007, is UAE’s first premium-experience online travel website and it runs a network of 9 branches in UAE under the brand, having served over a million travelers since its inception. It is the leading cross-sector online travel agency in UAE working with businesses, travelers and corporate clients. City Center Deira Mall which opened in 1995 is one of the flagship malls in Dubai. It ranks as one of the most successful malls in the world with over 22 million visitors recorded annually. The campaign is expected to increase visibility for the Maldives through interactions with visitors from Dubai and beyond during this campaign between MMPRC and

This campaign with is held as part of MMPRC’s marketing strategy for the Middle East, which targets to maintain Maldives’ brand visibility and establish Maldives as a top of the mind destination for countries in this market. The strategy is also based on promoting the uniqueness of the Maldives as the world’s leading destination and market its products including resorts, guesthouses, hotels and liveaboards as well as its unique experiences.

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