MMPRC Dismisses Two Top Officials Amid Structural Reforms

The Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) has dismissed two top officials as part of a strategic restructuring effort. The decision, made during a board meeting on Monday, resulted in the departure of Mohamed Bassam Adam, the Deputy Managing Director, and Ibrahim Asim, a Director and the corporation’s longest-serving employee.

According to MMPRC Managing Director Ibrahim Shiuree, the dismissals were part of broader structural changes aimed at streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency. Shiuree explained that the company had recently expanded its leadership positions, creating redundancies that needed to be addressed.

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“The people in those positions had to perform almost the same work and bear the same responsibilities. That is why the positions were abolished as part of the restructuring,” said Shiuree, who assumed his role as Managing Director last month.

Shiuree further clarified that the restructuring was not targeted at any individuals but was necessary to improve the organisation’s overall functionality. “I don’t have any personal agenda. I came to this position very recently,” he added.

The board’s decision also included abolishing the position of Chief Marketing Officer, which had been vacant since April last year. Shiuree noted that having two Deputy Managing Directors and multiple high-level positions with overlapping responsibilities was inefficient and counterproductive.

The restructuring efforts at MMPRC follow the broader fiscal consolidation policies of the Maldivian government, aimed at improving efficiency and operational effectiveness within state-owned enterprises.

This significant shakeup comes in the wake of previous leadership changes at MMPRC, including the resignation of Chairperson Ayesha Nurain Janah and the dismissal of former Managing Director Fathimath Thaufeeq in May. Mohamed Bassam Adam had temporarily filled the top management vacuum until Shiuree’s appointment in June.

The MMPRC continues to focus on its mission to promote the Maldives as a premier tourist destination, with these structural changes intended to support that objective through a more streamlined and efficient organisational framework.

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