MMPRC prepares to promote the Maldives in the Middle East

(Photo: Avas)

Maldives Marketing and PR Corporation (MMPRC) along with a contingent of 128 representatives prepares to promote Maldives in the Middle East.

To promote Maldives in the Middle East, MMPRC will be participating in Arabian travel Market (ATM) fair. The Maldives contingent includes a total of 128 people from 68 different companies.

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In an information session held at MMPRC on 11th April, MMPRC’s Acting Managing Director Haaris Mohamed stated that the Middle East is a promising market to the Maldives tourism sector and that he had high hopes of Maldives gaining popularity in the fair. MMPRC has also arranged activities with all main media operators in the Middle East in order to increase the attention towards the Maldives.

“We look forward to the Middle East market. It is a high end segment area which consists of many foreigners from other countries living in that area. We expect this campaign to grab the attention of a wide public audience”, Haaris added.

Photo: Avas

The fair will be held from 22nd to 25th April in Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre. Tourism Minister of Maldives, Moosa Zameer will be leading the Maldives contingent. In addition to Tourism Minister, Ambassador of Maldives to the UAE Hassan Niyaz, MMPRC’s Acting Managing Director Haris, Deputy Ambassador Usama Mohamed Rasheed, Third Secretary Ismail Niyaz will be a part of the Maldives contingent in the ATM Fair. Tourism Ministry’s Director Hassaan and MMPRC Director Ibrahim Asim (IEB) will be participating along with MMPRC’s Marketing Executive Reesha Rasheed and Ahmed Ameen.

Last year 49,193 tourist from Middle East had visited Maldives, which was 4.2% decrease from the 51,330 tourists of 2016. However, 8,290 tourists visited during February this year, which is 12.8% improvement from the previous year’s tourist arrival during the same period.


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