Mohamed Hussain Maniku Appointed as CEO of Capital Market Development Authority

The Capital Market Development Authority (CMDA) has announced Mr. Mohamed Hussain Maniku as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Mr. Maniku previously served as the CEO of Maldives Pension Administration Office.

His new position has been appointed is as per the Maldives Securities Act (Law No. 2/2006) clause 6 (b).

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The details of the current composition of the Board Members of CMDA are as follows.

  1. Ms. Aishath Zahira (Chairperson of Board)
  2. Mr. Mohamed Hussain Maniku (Chief Executive Officer)
  3. Ms. Aishath Nadhiya (Senior Executive Director, Maldives Monetary Authority)
  4. Mr. Ahmed Siraj (Secretary- General of Privatization and Corporatization Board, Ministry of Finance and Treasury)
  5. Mariyam Visam (Registrar of Companies, Ministry of Economic Development)
  6. Uza. Fathimath Shafneez (Private Sector Representative)
  7. Mr. Rifaath Jaleel (Private Sector Representative)
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