Mohamed Inaz Joins FJS as the Director of Climate Change & Sustainable Development

Maldives is at the frontline where environment meets development and with this as its driving force, as its impetus, Mohamed Inaz has joined FJS as the Director of Climate Change & Sustainable Development to head the Environment Sector.

Inaz has over 20 years of experience working in the field of environment, climate change, renewable energy and sustainable development in the Maldives, engaging with the government, local communities, private sector and international organisations. He was heading the Environment and Energy portfolio of UNDP Maldives for 8 years and was instrumental in managing & leading climate-change-related projects, low-emission and climate-resilient programmes, disaster risk management programmes and ecosystem conservation projects. Inaz’s experience ranges from Environment Impact Assessments, disaster risk management, water resources, energy, waste management, conservation, and other areas of sustainable development.

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FJS is a management consulting firm based in the Maldives. Since its inception in 2007, the company has worked with various private and public sector organizations providing economic, social, financial and management consulting services for over a decade. FJS provides support to clients to keep developing while ensuring much more care for the environment, and ensuring that the clients are delivering products and services that are ahead of time.

FJS experts are pushing these boundaries through the provision of experiences and providing its clients with policy interventions and advocacy on best practices in managing the natural ecosystems, adopting renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions, addressing the existential issue of climate change, and moving steadfastly towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Some of the areas in which FJS works with clients include Sustainable Strategy Development, Sustainability Alignment Assessment and GRI reporting. 

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