MOPA and NIG Capital Release Report Assessing Socio-Economic Impact of PET Use in Maldives

Maldives Oceans Plastic Association (MOPA) and NIG Capital have released a report titled “Socio-Economic Impact Assessment of the use of PET In Maldives” at a virtual event in Male. The report focuses on analysing the Socio-Economic impact of import, production and use of single use plastics and PET bottles in Maldives and identifying ways of minimizing the environmental impact through recycling initiatives in line with Government guidelines.

The independent research carried out by NIG Capital, intends to provide key information for creating awareness amongst relevant stakeholders, also provide research-based data to help policy decisions in order to better manage the plastic waste and minimize the impact on the environment.

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Commenting on the release of the study, Mr Thoriq Ibrahim, Founder & President of MOPA and Former Environment Minister, said, ‘We are, indeed, proud to have commissioned this report and hope to continue contributing towards academic and research endeavours in our chosen field of interest.’ With our support towards the initiatives of the Government in managing ocean plastics, MOPA hopes to continue its engagement with the Ministry of Environment.

Highlighting the key aspects of the report and the methodology adopted in the study Mr Ahmed Naseer, CEO, NIG Capital, said “Plastic waste is a pressing and growing global environmental challenge, but also an economic opportunity. This study delves into empirically understanding the socio-economic impact of PET and provides actionable intelligence to strengthen the waste management system in the Maldives. The findings from the study can be used by the government, policy makers and sustainability experts among others to effectively create a circular economy.”

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