Over 100 Species of Birds Granted Protected Status, Including Pigeons

From today onwards, it has been banned to keep or catch 104 species of birds in the Maldives, including 3 variants of pigeons.

Under the powers granted by the environmental protection laws of the Maldives, the Environment Ministry has granted protected status to over a hundred species of birds including Cotton Teals, Common Cuckoos, Little Herons, White-winged Terns, Buzzards, Owls, Common Kingfishers, and Peregrine Falcons, among many others.

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Regulations related to the protection of these birds would be applicable. As such, the capture of the birds from their natural habitats, as well as the destruction of their habitats will be banned starting today.

For more information, have a look at the gazette announcement here: https://www.gazette.gov.mv/iulaan/view/147629

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