MP Eva urges the government to take income tax from high income earners

Parliament Member Eva Abdulla has stated that she believes this is the right time to take income tax from those who earn more than MVR 60,000.

In her speech during the Parliament meeting, she stated that during this economic downfall, those who can manage to earn MVR 60,000 each month, should pay income tax to the government to help the authorities to aid the economy to survive this global crisis.

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She further highlighted we cannot depend on the tourism industry only, and this is the right time to see which other fields we can diversify into during this challenging time.

She stressed on developing fishing and farming industry during this economic downfall.

In addition, she noted that financial assistance should only be given to generate income.

She also stated, the government needs to take into account the social impacts of spouses losing their source of income.

The government has imposed a temporary ban on the arrival of tourists, which as caused a huge toll on the Maldivian economy. Government and relevant authorities are taking necessary measures to overcome this crisis.

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