MPL announces changes in cargo clearance hours

CEO of MPL, Abdul Razzag Haleem (Photo: Avas)

Maldives Ports Limited (MPL) announces that hereafter Commercial Harbour and T-Jetty can be used for cargo clearances at night only. MPL brought the change in accordance with Transport Authority’s decision to prohibit carriage of cargo goods during daytime.

In a press conference held on 25th March, CEO of MPL, Abdul Razzag Haleem stated that cargo lorries will be allowed in the harbour starting 9pm and the service will continue until 5am in the morning.

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Although cargo clearance is allowed only during night, vessels will be able to dock at the harbour and cargo can be loaded onto vessels between 8am until 6pm in the evening.

Transport Authority’s press relief stated that cargo can be carried on lorries strictly between 1am and 6am. The authority came to this conclusion to tackle the traffic congestion issue in Male’.

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