MPL Boosts Port Efficiency Ahead of Ramadan

Maldives Ports Limited (MPL) CEO Mohamed Wajeeh has announced that the company will implement measures to expedite the clearance of imported goods and reduce tariffs on food items during the upcoming month of Ramadan. Beginning March 11th, MPL aims to halve the usual clearance time and offer a 10% reduction in clearance tariffs for common Ramadan food items.

Speaking with the media, Wajeeh emphasized the company’s ongoing commitment to streamline services and enhance convenience for importers. He noted the government’s prioritization of lowering food prices during Ramadan and highlighted MPL’s willingness to support this initiative, particularly by reducing charges associated with perishable food items.

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Wajeeh pointed out that MPL currently operates under tariffs established twelve years ago. He expressed hope that the Ramadan tariff reductions would encourage businesses to adjust their prices, making food items more affordable for consumers.

To further accelerate the clearance process during Ramadan, MPL has initiated efforts to remove barges and speedboats from its port area. “We have removed all our tug[boats], all our barges, all our launches from that area…and specialized this area to provide services to ships coming from India,” Wajeeh explained. Previously, the port could accommodate a maximum of two ships simultaneously. These changes now allow for four ships to dock and unload cargo concurrently, potentially cutting clearance times in half.

Wajeeh confirmed that the port modifications should be completed by the end of the month, and the company intends to maintain the improved configuration going forward.

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