MPL Supports Fiyavathi Children’s Facility

Maldives Ports Limited (MPL) has donated 35 cases of tuna cans to the Fiyavathi State Care Facility for Children, demonstrating the company’s commitment to social responsibility.

The donation was presented on Monday morning during a visit from MPL’s Chief of Bureau, Aishath Shimla, General Manager Ahmed Saleem, and General Manager Ali Jaufar.

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The company met with senior Fiyavathi officials at the facility in Hulhumale’ to formalise the handover. MPL underscored its ongoing support for Fiyavathi, noting several previous contributions made under its corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme. The company also expressed its commitment to providing further aid to the children’s facility in the future.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) involves businesses taking an active role in positively impacting society. Initiatives can range from charitable donations and volunteer work to environmentally conscious practices and ethical business decisions. CSR is increasingly important as consumers and stakeholders become more aware of a company’s broader impact beyond its financial performance.

The Fiyavathi State Care Facility for Children provides a crucial service within the Maldives, offering care and support to vulnerable children in the community.

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