Maldives Ports Limited to Ease Importers

Maldives Ports Limited (MPL) announced that they have arranged changes in their policies to ease the importers amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a press conference, the government’s spokesperson Mabrook Abdul Azeez has revealed that MPL has reduced the demurrage charge for the period when goods are loaded in Male’ and Hulhumale’ by 20%.

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He further added that for Kulhudhufushi and Hithadhoo demurrage charge will be reduced by 50%.

MPL has increased the pre-storage period from 10 days to 12 days. The bonded warehouse license fee has also been reduced by 50%.

MPL’s Managing Director Shaahid Ali has stated that they have decided to give these leniences to the importers after discussing with the government to support the businesses in this challenging time to overcome financial obstacles.

He further added that businesses who have to pay a huge amount as a demurrage charge can pay the 20% first and can pay the rest of the amount in installments for 6 months.

The government has been taking several measures to help businesses in this economic downfall caused by the global spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

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