MPL to Position Maldives as Regional Re-Export Hub

Maldives Ports Limited (MPL) has announced a strategic move to begin re-exporting goods imported by sea to neighbouring countries, with an initial focus on the Maldives. This new venture aims to strengthen the company’s revenue and contribute to the nation’s economy.

During a press conference held at the MPL headquarters, CEO Mohamed Ibrahim Wajeeh stated that the government is seeking to diversify its business activities, with re-exporting being a key area of interest. He confirmed that MPL has engaged in discussions with relevant authorities, including customs and airport officials, to facilitate the smooth initiation of re-export operations.

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“We recognize a growing demand for the redistribution of goods arriving in the Maldives from various nations,” Wajeeh explained. “By strategically utilizing our port infrastructure, we intend to facilitate efficient air cargo transfers to other destinations within the region.”

MPL anticipates a significant increase in revenue through the re-export initiative. Additionally, Wajeeh highlighted the benefit of conducting transactions in US dollars, which will help to address currency exchange issues.

According to Wajeeh, the company has already reached agreements with multiple airlines in preparation for the launch of re-export services.

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