MPL Welcomes New T2i Terminal Tractors from Kalmar

In a ceremony at the Male’ Commercial Harbour, Kalmar handed over three T2i Terminal Tractors to Maldives Ports Limited, yesterday. This event represents another milestone in Maldives Ports Limited and Kalmar’s long-standing relationship, underlining their shared commitment to excellence and innovation in port operations.

The occasion was marked by a ceremony that brought together key stakeholders, partners, and employees of Maldives Ports Limited and Kalmar. The handover of the T2i Terminal Tractor is the continuation of a successful partnership that began with MPL’s acquisition of their first Kalmar RTG equipment in 2007. This collaboration has grown since then, improving MPL’s operational capability and moving them to the forefront of the industry.

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The T2i Terminal Tractor from Kalmar is the epitome of cutting-edge technology, designed to maximize productivity and safety in port operations. The T2i Terminal Tractor, with innovative features and a sturdy design, promises to boost MPL’s capabilities, further streamlining freight movement and improving overall operating productivity.

“We are thrilled to celebrate this momentous occasion as we welcome the T2i Terminal Tractor into our fleet, courtesy of our valued partnership with Kalmar,” remarked CEO of MPL, Shahid Ali. “This event not only showcases our dedication to excellence but also highlights the continued growth and success that our collaboration with Kalmar has brought to our operations.”

Kalmar’s thorough training programs and unparalleled after-sales services have proved significant in assisting MPL’s efforts to maintain safety and efficiency in port operations. The addition of the T2i Terminal Tractor to MPL’s fleet reaffirms the company’s commitment to operational excellence and represents a shared vision of improving port operations in the Maldives.

The ceremony at Male’ Commercial Harbour was a celebration of present accomplishments and a glance into the future prospects for MPL and Kalmar. As MPL continues its journey of growth and success, the cooperation with Kalmar remains a cornerstone, promising further advancements, and achievements in the realm of port operations.

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