Mr. Maumoon Appointed President of Bar Council

Photo: Avas

Mr. Maumoon Hameed has been appointed as the President of the first ever Bar Council on 13th July 2019.

He went up against the former Attorney General Mr. Husnu Al Suood.

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He was appointed after an election, in which 1487 lawyers were eligible to cast their votes.

Mr. Abdulla Muizzu, Attorney General during former President Hon. Nasheed’s reign, was appointed as the Vice President of the council.

The council contains of a total of six members along with the President, Vice President and Attorney General.

The six members elected for the Executive Committee are former Prosecutor General Mr. Ahmed Muizzu, former Makunudhoo MP Ms. Anaaraa Naeem, and former judge Ms. Aisha Sujun, along with Maldivian Democratic Party’s Secretary General Mr. Anas Abdul Sattar, Mr. Mohamed Faisal and Mr. Mohamed Aseel Hassan.

The Bar council will investigate any disciplinary issues against lawyers, issue licenses for practice and maintain the integrity of the legal landscape of Maldives.

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