MS Ambience Brings Wave of Tourists to the Maldives

Yesterday marked the arrival of the fifth cruise liner to visit the Maldives this year, the MS Ambience, carrying over 1,500 tourists. The Maldives Association of Yacht Agents (MAYA) confirmed the ship’s arrival to local media.

MS Ambience carries over 1,500 tourists and 660 crew members, hailing from diverse nations around the world. The ship boasts 13 decks and 798 cabins, with the crew providing service to the 1500-plus passengers onboard. Tourists were disembarking in Malé today for sightseeing and various excursions.

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The cruise liner departed from Colombo, Sri Lanka, and arrived in the Maldives at 7:00 a.m. yesterday. Its stay in the Maldives is brief, as it’s scheduled to arrive at Mahe Island Seychelles, Victoria, on the 27th.

MS Ambience’s current journey is a 120-day, round-trip “Easter” themed cruise titled the 2024 Grand Round The World Cruise. The voyage began in London-Tilbury, England, on January 6th and will conclude on May 5th.

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