MS Riviera: A Gleaming Beacon for Maldives’ Tourism as the Second Cruise Liner of the Year

The Maldives welcomed the MS Riviera today, marking its arrival as the second cruise liner to grace its shores this year. This event signals a promising trend for the Maldives, renowned for its exquisite marine allure and luxury tourism experiences.

Registered in the Marshall Islands, the MS Riviera is a majestic vessel carrying an impressive cohort of 980 tourists and crew members. Its journey to the Maldives is a tale of maritime splendour, having previously docked at the vibrant ports of Mangalore, Cochin, Dubai, Mormugao, and Mumbai. The cruiser’s arrival not only brings a surge of tourists but also showcases the diverse and expansive route that connects the Maldives with global destinations.

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The MS Riviera’s current cruise is a remarkable 30-day voyage, starting one-way from Abu Dhabi and culminating in Singapore. This grand journey, which began on 29th December 2023 and will conclude on 28th January 2024, offers an unparalleled experience for its passengers. With prices starting from USD 9699 for double occupancy rates, guests aboard the MS Riviera are treated to a blend of luxurious comfort and exotic exploration.

In the wake of MS Riviera’s arrival, the Ministry of Tourism’s aspirations for the year seem more attainable. This year, the ministry is ambitiously aiming to attract 2 million tourists, a significant increase from the 1.8 million visitors recorded in 2023.

Each arrival, like that of the MS Riviera, is a testament to the enduring appeal of the Maldives as a top-tier tourist destination. These visits are not just about the numbers; they symbolise the international confidence in the Maldives’ ability to offer unparalleled travel experiences. With the continued support of the global travel community, the Maldives is well on its way to achieving and perhaps even surpassing its tourism goals.

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