MTCC Announces Over 200 Job Opportunities

Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) have opened over 200 job vacancies across different islands.

MTCC’s CEO Adam Azim has stated that the company is planning to start several projects in different islands, and they have decided to employ local workers for these projects. He has also highlighted that an estimate of 13 job opportunities will be opened from each island.

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According to MTCC, these projects will require approximately 200 skilled and non-skilled workers and these projects are planned to start next month.

They have also noted that the company is ready to train interested individuals for the required scope of work. The company has also announced they will be opening additional 150 job opportunities in the upcoming months and with that, a total of 350 job opportunities are expected to be created by MTCC.

MTCC has been preparing to start a large number of construction projects such as road construction, harbor construction, coastal protection, and land reclamation projects, across different islands of Maldives.

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